Own your data

We are at a point where most of our data is online. This digital identity is all out there and used by all sorts of people and companies. All your social medial data is bundled up and on sold to advertisers. Your credit and purchasing data is used to track your habits for personalised marketing. Your cell phone number, birth date and address is freely given away. Some apps even track your location at all times via the GPS on your phone. The way you use the internet, sites you commonly use and topics and hobbies you enjoy, all sucked up by algorithms designed to target you more effectively. It’s pretty scary stuff.

In terms of your health data, this is even more perplexing. Currently your health data is actually owned by the GPs, hospital, dentists and physios etc who wrote those notes down. The reason for this is based on history. Back in the day doctors would get funding for the number of paper files stacked in their office. Fast track a 100 years and health system is still operating on this principal. Patients data is taken down and then locked away behind firewalls and passwords. Worse still is that all that data is fragmented. Some of your story is with your GP, some with your dentist, some with your pharmacist and some sitting with a hospital system. None of these systems ever talk to each other. This is why you constantly repeat your story to each health professional.

Well Revolution believes that your digital information and your digital identity are sacred and should belong to you. You should control who sees your information and when they see it. Being in control means you own your data. 

This is what Well Revolution is all about. You are in control. You are the owner of your data, your story and your identity.