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Our Values

More than just words - a way of life!

The values we list below are more than just words, we commit to them both as Well Revolution people and as a business. These are real values - a list of the behaviours we care about the most. This is how we choose to live, behave and drive the decisions we make as a company, a team and members of the community.

Everyone, from our founders, directors, our doctors and employees, are all expected to support, grow, and protect our values as part of the Well Revolution team.

Our Values... 

Everything we do should leave a person with a positive emotional impact. We are not an average company, our service is not average, and we don't want our people to be average. We do things that are a little unconventional and innovative. We go above and beyond what's expected to create lasting memories for our customers, our community, our people, our partners – for everyone.

Be Uncompromising in Customer Service
We’re obsessive about our customers. We’ll always be honest and open to earn the trust of our customers. We’re quick to admit mistakes and fast in fixing them.

We’ll never settle for the status quo. We’ll question everything, including what we do. Why is it done this way? Can it be done better? This can often lead to big discoveries.

Be Good
This is about being a good human. Honesty always. Open and honest relationships lead to trust and faith. We’re all responsible for ensuring we live our values.

Be Bold
We embrace the Mavericks. We encourage the peculiar ideas. We prioritise creativity. Speak up. Be daring. But not reckless. Take smart risks.
We’re not afraid to make mistakes. We’ll say what we think, even if it is controversial. We question things that are inconsistent with our values.

Create Fun
Making it more interesting and fun for our people, customers and partners. It’s bloody hard to live without a little fun!

Be Humble
We’ll admit we don’t always have the answer. We’ll remember where we came from.
To sum it up - leave your ego at the door. Treat others how you would want to be treated. Confidence is encouraged. Arrogance is the enemy of greatness.

Be Frugal
This is about getting a lot more done, with a lot less. We pride our roots as a New Zealand-founded company. Kiwi companies are renowned for doing a lot with very little. We’ll always maintain the resourcefulness of a startup - embracing the constraints and necessities that lead to invention. We’ll always be trying to figure out how to do something better.

This is simply about doing what you say you’ll do, and just getting on with it!
When a decision is made, commit. Own it! We make it happen. Our passion comes through in our work. We actively pursue improvement - not only in our work but also in ourselves.