Well Revolution has produced an early emergency release of its online doctor and pharmacy app in response to the impact of Covid-19 in NZ.

It is free to all doctors in New Zealand. 

Zero fees.

No hardware or software upgrades necessary.

Doctors, practice team members and patients can use the smartphones they already have. 

Emergency Release Essential Features

  • Message-based consults

  • Live video and audio consults

  • In-app prescription creation

  • e-prescribe with electronic signature

  • Geolocated user selection of pharmacy

  • Automated script delivery to pharmacy

  • Prescription pickup-from-pharmacy or home-delivery

Watch a typical interaction with messaging, live video and prescription between a patient (on left) and a doctor (on right) using the app đź‘‡

(please note since release, we have implemented e-signature prescribing, which removes the need for Rx scanning)


For practice teams

the app can also be used for:

  • Private internal team messaging and group video + audio calling (for remote working)

  • Virtual CME

  • In-app distribution of health information to patients

  • In-app bulk message and alerts distribution to patients (at no cost)

What does a practice need to do to get started?

sexual health test, std check, sti check, at home

Practices provide 

  • Practice information (name, address and phone number)

  • Each prescribing doctor’s full name, MCNZ number, Qualifications, APC

sexual health test, std check, sti check, at home


  • Download the app from the app store and register as a user.

  • Well Revolution admins confirm doctors and provide them with doctor and prescriber privileges.

Making the app available to patients.

1. Send a bulk notification to all of your patients using your usual methods (e.g. email or SMS). 


2. You can include the short link wrev.me/app in your message to patients for instructions on how to get the app. 

3. Patients install the app and register, selecting you as their doctor. 

4. Patients send you messages on the app and you message them back or start a live video consult.

Instructions for patients are provided here >

Patient Billing.

Retrospective, invoice-only billing applies for this emergency release. 

Practices who have the ability to manually process credit & debit card payments can request card details inside consultations. 

Patients can take a secure photo of their payment card or type in the details. 

We are working fast on implementing an in-app payment system to help improve practice cashflow.

Practice Costs.

Zero. It’s free for GPs to use. No on-boarding charges. No fees.

If you would like to know more or to get involved, email us or start a live chat.