1. We deliver 
the tests to you.

So you can test your health at home and get fast results.

2. See the doctor 
right away.

Click to video chat with a doctor and get answers right away from experts.

3. We deliver the 
treatment to you.

So you get medications and prescriptions where and when you need them, fast.


A direct-to-consumer digital health company that deals with everything from diagnosis to delivery of at-home health tests and medications. 

Founded by a group of doctors, retail pharmacists, marketers and technology entrepreneurs working together with a challenge to solve some of the biggest problems in health care delivery for both providers and consumers alike. 

We promise to make the complex simple. The dull engaging. The expensive affordable. And the frustrating a delight. 

By revolutionising the way you engage with and access health care, we’re making it easier and more affordable for people to test their health, receive treatment, get healthy and start living the lives they dream of. 

We started in New Zealand with Well Revolution X - a breakthrough end-to-end sexual and reproductive health service for men and women - delivering at-home tests to your door, providing doctors online, and convenient delivery of medications.

Well Revolution takes all of the hassle out of dealing with your health. From delivery of health tests you can use at home to online doctors you can talk to from home and prescriptions delivered to your door.

Dr Sasha Kljakovic

Aka Doctor Sash @doctorsash

Mum, practising doctor and all-around nerd. Sasha is passionate about democratising health care, making it easier to access, and super convenient. She believes that people should be in charge of their health, their data and their stories and health care should cater for this in all ways. For all the medicolegal nerds out there, Sasha is not a consulting or prescribing doctor for this service. Check out Doctor Sash on Facebook where Sasha is live @ 8.30pm every Monday answering health questions and leading discussions on health, fitness and wellness.

Frayne Cooke

Dad, engineer and serial entrepreneur. Frayne is a repeat offender when it comes to challenging conventions and innovating. He believes that health care must be delivered in ways that unconstrain a person's choice in all aspects of their health, well-being, and rights to a private data store. In a world increasingly dominated by closed systems and proprietary databases, Frayne values being part of a team championing new directions in health care and aiming to break up the cartels of the digital age and information monopolies.

Michael Seymour

Dad, sportsman and serial Entrepreneur. A Pharmacist who founded NZ’s first corporate pharmacy chain, exited the sector happy but frustrated by the limitations of a funded environment. The opportunity to offer better value to Kiwis without needing to fit into the funded health system, or having to answer to bureaucracy appealed in launching Well Revolution. Giving people better access and control on their own terms makes absolute sense to him.

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