About Us

A different kind of healthcare.

Starting as a small business in Auckland, New Zealand, we have big dreams to revolutionise the way healthcare is delivered and consumed by everyday people.

We believe that people are smart and want to be healthy. We believe that access to healthcare should be convenient, driven by you and focused on service. Well Revolution exists to make it easy for people to own their health, save time, simplify their lives, and be healthier. #OwnYourHealth

The Platform.

Assess. Consult. Treat. At Home.

Everything we do is about putting you in control. All of our products and services are carefully selected and designed by our team of medical professionals and shipped free overnight anywhere in New Zealand. We enable you to access and test your health at home and at your convenience. Click a button to talk live and on-demand with our doctors. If treatment can be provided, it will be sent to your door.

The Well Revolution platform is built using blockchain, which for non-tech nerds means that it's super secure, and you're the boss of your information and how it's used. Gone are the days where doctors type at a screen on your file that you never see. It's your life, your body, and your information. You control it, you own it!

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Our Revolutionaries.

Well Revolution was started by a group of health professionals and technology entrepreneurs who think the health system needed a revolution. We all come to work every day because we want to solve some of the biggest problems in healthcare delivery. We're on a mission to revolutionise health care, to truly put the power and ownership of data in your hands and to provide complete transparency.

Our Founders.

doctor sash
Dr. Sasha Kljakovic
Mum, practising doctor and all-around nerd. Sasha is passionate about democratising healthcare, making it easier to access, and super convenient. She believes that people should be in charge of their healthcare, their data and their stories and healthcare should cater for this in all ways. For all the medicolegal nerds out there, Sasha is not a consulting or prescribing doctor for this service. Check out Doctor Sash on Facebook where Sasha is live @ 8.30pm every Monday answering health questions and leading discussions on health and wellbeing.
Frayne Cooke
Dad, engineer and serial entrepreneur. Frayne is a repeat offender when it comes to challenging conventions and innovating. He believes that healthcare must be delivered in ways that unconstrain a person's choice in all aspects of their health, well-being, and rights to a private data store. In a world increasingly dominated by closed systems and proprietary databases, Frayne values being part of a team championing new directions in healthcare and aiming to break up the cartels of the digital age and information monopolies. 
Michael Seymour
Dad, sportsman and serial Entrepreneur. A Pharmacist who founded NZ’s first corporate Pharmacy chain, exited the sector happy but frustrated by the limitations of a funded environment. The opportunity to offer better value to Kiwis without needing to fit into the funded health system, or having to answer to bureaucracy appealed in launching Well Revolution. Giving people better access and control on their own terms seems to make sense to him.