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Sex and Urinary Tract Infections

June 25, 2018

Urinary tract infections. In this post, we'll educate you on what exactly a UTI is. Next, we'll discuss the risk factors and the causes of UTIs. Then we'll dive into treatment and prevention. Read on...

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gonorrhea clap symptoms history std test sti testing sexual health

Gonorrhea, get the facts! A historical overview.

June 24, 2018

Gonorrhea, if left untreated can cause infertility in both men and women. In this post, we discuss the history of Gonorrhea, historical treatments, how we now treat the infection, and the common symptoms in both men and women.

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STIs don’t have to be Deal Breakers!

June 24, 2018

No one wants an STI. Especially not from someone they share feelings for. If you're in or about to enter a new relationship, do you have a plan? The idea of bringing a partner to a sexual health clinic for a dual checkup may be embarrassing and nerve-racking. The Solution - #LOVE Box sexual health testing for couples.

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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease in Women: get #Sorted!

June 14, 2018

Infection is the epitome of a sh*t time – pain, fever, the feeling of lying in bed all day and hiding from the world is what usually ensues. But when infection hits your womanly organs and steals your rights of pregnancy from right under your feet, naturally, it can be particularly hard to take. This post is designed to warn you of the dangers of pelvic inflammatory disease, the risk factors involved and how to stay #Sorted!

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Unprotected Sex: How soon can I test for STI’s?

June 13, 2018

How long after contracting a sexually transmitted infection is it detectable? This is a complex question, and the answer can often be ambiguous. STIs have unique incubation periods and can differ from person to person. Because we can never be sure, this post aims to inform you of the standard incubation periods for the most common STIs.

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Folliculitis or Herpes worried

Folliculitis or Herpes?

June 05, 2018

Waking up to a cluster of abnormal growths on the skin, such as blisters, warts, and lesions don’t set the day well, not for anyone. If found around genitalia or the oral cavity, this usually triggers paranoia, and the first thing that comes to mind is HERPES. However, it could be folliculitis. Herpes and Folliculitis are commonly interchangeable, and one can easily be mistaken for the other. 

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hiv prep testing sexual health testing

The fight against HIV: PrEP

May 31, 2018

HIV is probably one of the scariest sexually transmitted infections (STI). We've seen a 100% growth in the number of people being diagnosed with HIV in New Zealand. What can individuals at risk of HIV do to prevent contraction? Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is an HIV prevention strategy where HIV-negative individuals can take anti-HIV medication. By taking these drugs, individuals who engage in high-risk activities can reduce their annual risk of infection to 0.04 percent. That’s a 4-in-10,000 odds.

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hiv test protect treat well revolution

HIV - The Dallas Buyers Club

May 28, 2018

Although times have changed, the HIV pandemic still rages. For those of you who are seeking to understand HIV better, this blog aims to educate you on the origin of the disease, the development of treatment and the mode of transmission.

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Herpes at first sight

May 24, 2018

There's an idea that people associate genital herpes with oozing blisters and sores. But that’s not always the case. Did you know that around 80% of people infected with genital herpes are unaware of it because they have mild or no symptoms at all? Did you know that over 50% of people with genital herpes get it from the 80% of people that are entirely unaware?

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STI or the Flu?

STI or the Flu?

May 21, 2018

The issue with sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) is the symptoms are easily mistaken for common ailments. Don’t mistake an STD for the flu. We want to educate you on the types of STI’s that are commonly passed off as the flu. Remain in control of your sexual health! Get tested on the regular, don’t leave it up to chance. Let’s be safe rather than sorry!

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Sex trend or sex crime? Stealthing

May 17, 2018

Stealthing is the act of non-consensually removing a condom during sex. Essentially, it’s an act of rape and abuse. Many STIs do not have symptoms, so frequent testing, early detection and treatment are vital if you want to avoid long-term health problems. We understand the hassle of testing at clinics, so we bring the testing to you with private, safe and affordable STI tests at home without the hassle of appointments and waiting rooms.

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The One Night Stand

The One Night Stand

May 13, 2018

If sex and alcohol have coexisted for hundreds of years why does the combination of the two still pose such a big risk these days? Sexually transmitted infections. It’s as simple as that.

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