Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Sugar.

Sugar and IBS

November 07, 2018

During a recent Live Q&A session regarding advice on Sugar and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Here's what was mentioned...

Having heaps of sugar if you have irritable bowel syndrome won't necessarily be great for it. If you've already got irritable bowel syndrome, you'll be feeling a little bit gassy, a bit sore, bloated, all that kind of stuff. And you need to watch what triggers you because everyone has a slightly different profile.

The other thing I would suggest is IBS can be treated with some other types of therapy. I often see people with IBS who struggle with anxiety, it's something I see commonly.

There's some supporting evidence that goes with that. Your gut has the greatest collection of serotonin receptors. So your mental health and the way you feel, your anxiety levels or depression and your gut health is really connected.

If you've got an irritable tummy, sugar's certainly not going to help. But carbohydrates are not a bad thing. The occasional dessert, some honey tea, are no big drama. But the thing is we're consuming so much processed food. Even soups have sugar in them. Breads have sugar in them. Savoury things have tons of sugar in them. Sauces are just sugar.

So it's actually just being discerning with what you're eating. But again, keep it simple. If you make your own food then you know what goes in it. If you're eating whole foods, then you know what you're eating.

It doesn't necessarily have to be really, really obsessive. I think that's what I'm trying to come across with.

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