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When my child is sick should I go to a doctor

Should I take my kid to the doctor?

November 01, 2018

I'm often asked when kids are unwell, do you suggest seeing a doctor?

My advice would be if you're worried or concerned, then obviously take them to a doctor. You know, hands down, don't muck around, just get on with it.

But illness in childhood is very common. Fevers are very common in viral illnesses. Usually with children, generally, if they're eating and drinking and they seem happy then they're generally okay.

If it's anything else going on, then, of course, go see your doctor.

It's hard to give you a blanket rule. But generally, the rule of thumb is, are they eating and drinking? is their behaviour pretty much normal? Is this fever just coming and going? Because if it's just up and down, then that's pretty normal with a viral illness, you don't need to freak out too much.

Are they drinking, are they peeing, are they doing all the normal kind of habits? Then maybe, you don't necessarily need to see a doctor. You just have to keep an eye on them. And especially, keep an eye on their fevers.

If they have big fevers, they can't shake it, they're not eating and drinking, they're lethargic, they're tired, they're not behaving as usual then you definitely need to be seen by a doctor.

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