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Sex trend or sex crime? Stealthing

May 17, 2018

Stealthing may initially sound suggestive of some kind of sexy, playful reconnaissance themed roleplay, but I can assure you it’s quite the opposite.

Stealthing is the act of non-consensually removing a condom during sex.

Essentially, it’s an act of rape and abuse. It’s a means chosen by some men to exert power over their partners, a sense of power that’s derived from enforcing unprotected sex.

What’s worse is that this act has been celebrated by some as a “sex trend” and is commonly shared and celebrated among abusers as an achievement. Frankly, that’s f*#ked! It’s not only violating boundaries but also trust. I mean, to have your dignity stolen away from you by a stranger or even worse, someone you love, is an atrocity.

For those that have fallen prey to the act of stealthing, not only face psychological, but physiological repercussions regarding sexual health. Pregnancies and STI’s, including the likes of HIV and Herpes are life-changing. It subjugates people to a lifetime of burden, a constant reminder of how they were abused, manipulated and deceived. So, how can you avoid stealthing?

  1. Get your sex partner to show you the condom following sex.
  2. Check to see whether the condom remains intact throughout sex.
  3. Avoid sexual positions with strangers that may leave you susceptible to stealthing.

I know this may come across as being far-fetched and paranoid, but that’s the reality of stealthing.


Did you know that many STI's don't have symptoms? If left untreated they can seriously damage your fertility, health and life.

If you’re unsure what to do or if you’re worried about an STI, we’re here to help with safe and easy tests you can do at home.

Don’t risk your health!


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