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Preparing your body for pregnancy

Preparing Your Body For Pregnancy

November 15, 2018

By @DoctorSash

During a recent Live Q&A session, I was asked: "What are the things that you can do to prepare your body for pregnancy?"

It's a great question! This is what I suggested...

One is taking all the right supplementation. So that's folic acid and iodine. Sometimes some people need aspirin. But that's only on rare occasions. And sometimes iron. If you go to your GP, you can get a script for folic acid and iodine. So that's the first thing. You need to have these in your system, especially the folic acid, for at least three months before you think of trying.

Next is keep your general health really good, get yourself into a good space, mentally, physically, emotionally, with your relationships, before you even start. You don't have to have everything perfect, but you know, get fit, and get your weight into a healthy body-weight range.

You'll obviously need to get off the contraception if you want to have a baby. Try to get your cycles regular. So if you've had a depo injection, or if you've had an IUD or an implant, you need to have all those things removed. Then give yourself some time for your periods to even out. This may take several months for you to get to a point where you're really regular, where your cycle is 28 days, or 30 days, 26 days, or whatever it may be. Because that's when you can figure out when you're ovulation actually is.

Being in a good place financially is a big deal. Make sure you've got the resources to take time off if you want to do that, or your partner wants to do it. Finances are a big deal because they'll often create the most stress. Having a stable environment for kids is important. It's also important for the mum, the breastfeeding parent.

If you've been trying to have a baby for at least 12 months (and that's 12 months of unprotected sex with your partner) and you haven't got pregnant, then talk to your GP and get the process started to go see someone about fertility medicine.

Smoking. Not just for the women, but for the men also. Weight and smoking are two of the biggest factors (amongst other environmental ones).

So my advice is to get healthy. That's pretty much it. Get healthy first. Get yourself in the right zone. If you have any problems at all or if you just need further advice, just go and get it. Don't wait. You and your GP can figure out when your actual cycle is going to line up for the best time to make a baby.

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