Meeting a new partner

Meeting a new partner

May 12, 2018

Meeting a new partner, whether it’s for life or a fleeting moment, is exciting but also full of potential complications. And we are not talking about meeting the friends and family - we are talking about an issue that affects thousands of New Zealanders today - sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Appearing “clean” or not feeling “an itch” doesn’t mean you are in the clear. In fact, as many as 80% of people infected may not even develop symptoms. Symptoms can also be confused for say, the common cold, or be too mild to notice. Not to mention they can develop months or even years after the time of infection, all the while you spread the disease.

What can you do to protect yourself (and others)? This is where Well Revolution comes in. We are the first and only service that allows you to test for major STDs from home - anytime and anywhere, plus consult with a doctor in NZ online. Test in as little as 5 minutes, get your result within 20 minutes, talk to a doctor online and receive your prescription to your door. Fast, convenient, discreet, honest to goodness at-home STD testing.

You’re never alone - we’re there, every step of the way. We’ll teach you how to use the tests properly and accurately. Our MyWell platform gives you access to a record of your orders, consultation notes, video guides and single-click live video access to doctors right here in NZ. And, YES, your health record is yours to own and control.

Should you happen to test positive, our doctors will guide you every step of the way. Enjoy convenience, peace of mind and a healthier lifestyle in just a click with Well Revolution - order today to get started!

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