Test and treat urinary tract infection or UTI.

How to deal with a UTI

October 13, 2018

A sudden burning sensation while urinating... Lower abdominal pain... Running to the toilet every 5 mins... What’s the cause?

Hard to say? Think back, rowdy weekend? A mistaken wipe from back to front? Maybe a one-night stand?

Is it a UTI?

Wouldn’t it be handy if you could find out on the spot?

The problem with urinary tract infections (UTI) is that they are commonly misdiagnosed.

Here are a few tell-tale signs of UTIs:

  • lower abdominal pain
  • burning and stinging when passing urine
  • increased frequency of passing urine
  • the feeling of incomplete emptying
  • fever and nausea

What do you do?

Test first, then see a doctor and get treatment.


Because UTI’s require medical attention. Please remember that CRANBERRY JUICE is not a magical brew that can cure you of a UTI. Although it can bring peace of mind.

Don’t ignore the symptoms.

Even when they go away, the infection can get worse and become more difficult to treat.

Bottom line - you must test and get treatment!

Often the hardest part of a UTI is getting to see a doctor. Next is the cost in both time and money.

Introducing UTI testing at home.

Our Urine Test Kit has everything you need to deal with a UTI from home.

The kit includes 3 test sticks, an online doctor consultation and treatment. All for $49.95.

Don't wait until you have a UTI. Be ready. Get a kit today and keep it in your medicine cabinet so you can test whenever you need to.

As soon as you’re worried about a UTI, grab one of the test sticks, pee on it and check.

If your test is positive or you have any of the symptoms listed above, log in to our site and click to video chat with one of our doctors in New Zealand.

If you do have a UTI, we’ll send you treatment or have it ready for pickup at your nearest pharmacy.

Don’t wait for a UTI. Get a test kit today!


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