UTI Urinary Tract Infection or Bladder Infection symptoms test and treatments.

How To Deal With A UTI

November 07, 2018

During a recent Live Q&A session, we discussed UTI's. Here's what was mentioned...

UTIs are otherwise known as a bladder infection or a urinary tract infection.

They're super common and they mainly affect women. They're really painful. You can sometimes get fevers, you get lower abdominal pain. You're feeling like you need to go wees all the time.

When someone has a UTI they generally know that they have one. You know, you've got lower abdominal pain, you're thinking uh-oh something's not right. What's going on here? What should I do next?

So then you have to get into the clinic or you have to book in to see your doctor. And that often can take a couple of weeks to get in to see your doctor or a few days at least. In the meantime, you're driving around thinking oh man, I'm in pain, what am I gonna do?

Eventually you find an appointment. get into your car, drive to the clinic, get yourself there, park, sort out your child care, all that stuff. It's a hassle. 

If you get UTIs often or even if you just get them from time to time, you've got to get one of these things 👇

UTI Test Kit for Urinary Tract Infection or Bladder Infection test.

You can buy this UTI kit which has three urine tests you can use at home, an online consultation and we deliver the treatment to your door.

This this little pack is that you buy it and it sits in your cupboard. Just like Panadol or ibuprofen or bandages. It's super handy.

Many women get these and they have to spend three hours waiting in line to see a doctor and spend five minutes quickly diagnosing the problem because they already knew what it was. 

This product can save you that time, that is what we're here to do and that is what I want to bring to you guys. 

Inside the kit there's a resealable pack. You literally pull the thing open, there's three little sticks, they're about 8cm long. You pee on them and it takes 90 seconds to get the result. It's very very simple.

Line up the stick with the test card and then you can see whether or not you need to ring us at Well Revolution if it's abnormal.

You get three urine tests and an online consultation with a doctor. Video chat just like we're doing right now and the treatment, is all delivered, all of it. No going to the pharmacy, mucking around. All-in-one.

The treatment can either be couriered to you, that's usually overnight. But if you want the treatment immediately then we'll just deliver the script to your nearest pharmacy. So it seriously makes it super super easy.

With this kit, the price of the medication, the treatment and the video chat with the doctor are all included.


Urinary tests for UTIs. So you get one of these kits, three urine tests in a box, instructions, the whole shebang, videos and everything on how to perform the tests from home.

You get an online consultation with a doctor through the Well Revolution platform, and we deliver you the treatment.

Awesome! It's easy! and it should be easy. This is how health care should be!

Buy One Now 👉 

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