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Gonorrhea in your throat, an oral dilemma?

August 30, 2018

Can someone be infected with a sexually transmitted infection (STI) from oral sex?

The answer simply put...Yes!

Many STIs, including Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Syphilis can be spread through oral sex.

Gonorrhea in New Zealand has developed as an infection as common in the throat as it is in the urethra. What’s worse is that these figures continue to soar as Gonorrhea within New Zealand emerges as the second most reported STI.

By definition, oral sex is when someone puts his or her lips, mouth or tongue on another’s genital or anal region. It is no surprise that over 80% of sexually active individuals aged between 15-44 years have reported to having oral sex at least once with a partner of the opposite or same sex. However, despite these soaring numbers, sexual education has failed to emphasise the risks of oral sex.

Reinfection can occur if an oral carrier comes into sexual contact with their partner's genitalia. Transmission of an STI during oral sex can be prevented through use of a condom, dental dam or other barrier methods. However, it is well known that using protection during oral sex isn’t common practice, explaining the rise of STI throat infections.

Did you know that many STI's don't have symptoms? If left untreated they can seriously damage your fertility, health and life.

If you’re unsure what to do or if you’re worried about an STI, we’re here to help with safe and easy tests you can do at home.

Don’t risk your health!


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