Is adding vitamins or supplements to your diet beneficial?

Should I be taking Vitamins and Supplements?

November 16, 2018

By @DoctorSash

I often get asked by people about whether or not adding vitamins or supplements to your diet is beneficial.

There is some research around multivitamins and B vitamins being good for you to a certain degree. But there is opposing evidence which says we’re not entirely sure about vitamins.

Supplements have a very split personality in how they are perceived with the scientific community. Traditional western medicine does prescribe multivitamins for specific demographics of the population, generally the elderly or those compromised with chronic illness, such as autoimmune type disorders.

I am definitely not against the use of vitamins, as there are definitely some benefits for people with different conditions. But, with all this opposing evidence, we as consumers just need to be a little bit more discerning in what supplements we are buying.

I know there are heaps of people that go out and spend $200-$300 a month just on supplements, but most of the time, you are simply weeing the supplements out. Vitamin C, for example, is water soluble. Which means when you take the tablet, most of it is just going to leave your body via your urine.

Ultimately, talk to your GP about what is right for you and just be discerning when purchasing vitamins and supplements.

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