Let's talk about UTI - I'm excited!

by Doctor Sash 

I want to talk about UTIs. 

In a minute you’re gonna see why I’m so excited about UTIs. 

One of the most common things I see in clinic every day is UTI’s. I get women who know what a UTI is and that they have one. They’re in pain, so they can’t wait even a couple of days to see their doctor. So they’ll arrange child care, drive to the clinic, park and wait for 3 hours to see a doctor. When they’re done waiting, they’ll come into my office for a UTI test that takes about 2 minutes. Then they’ll pay $120 for the consultation and go drive to a pharmacy to get a prescription and pay again! 

Not only is that inconvenient, it’s expensive!!

There’s a better way...

What if you could test on the spot at home, the minute you think you might have a UTI?

Not only test though.What if you could then see the doctor that minute too?

Better still...What if you could then have your prescription sent to your nearest pharmacy for same-day pickup? Or have it delivered overnight to your door?

That sounds better huh?!

You’ll only need to leave your couch to pee.

Well, at last you can! 🎉 🎊

That little box up there 👆 has everything you’ll ever need to deal with a UTI from home - without having to go to a doctor.

You get 3 UTI tests, an online video consult with one of our doctors and prescription treatment sent to you or your nearest pharmacy. For less than what it costs most women just to see a doctor.

All of that, in this little box, for only $49.95.

We’ve created this to be simple, convenient and affordable. It’s designed so you can test and deal with a UTI on the spot.

You wouldn’t wait until you have a UTI then go and buy one. That sort of defeats the purpose. 

You’d get one now and stick it in your medicine cabinet. Just like you would a pack of Panadol. You know - get a headache, grab a pill.

Say you get lower abdomen pain, peeing is painful or you’re going toilet more often - just grab one of the UTI tests from the pack and check if you have a UTI. Share the result with our doctors with an online video chat. If the docs confirm your test, you’ll get your prescription straight away!

Couldn’t be easier.

This is why I’m so excited 👏

After seeing so many women suffer through UTIs, we had to create this. This is brand new in New Zealand and ready for you to get now.

No woman has to be taken down with a UTI. Get one of these UTI test kits and you’ll be a UTI hero!

To celebrate all the women of NZ, you can get one or more… for you, for your mum, sister, a friend.

Just click here 👇

Buy a UTI Test Kit Now

To make it even easier, you’re getting another 10% off the launch price! 

To get the exclusive launch pricing and discount, you’ll need that link above. 

Because you can’t even find it on our site. We’re only telling the Doctor Sash community… it’s so new, you get the very first kits that just rolled off the manufacturing line.

We’ve launched this at $49.95. But you’ll also get the additional 10% off. We’re only keeping that discount open for 36 hours before we open up to everyone.

Go on 👉 click here 👈 and get started now!


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