Well Revolution emergency online doctor and pharmacy app in response to the impact of Covid-19 in New Zealand

Emergency Release of Well Revolution Online Doctor and Pharmacy App in Response to COVID-19

March 24, 2020

It has been a time of great stress and uncertainty. But it has also been a time when the work we've been doing has become critical.

Over the past year, our team had been working on an entirely new way for people to "see" their doctor. It is an app that lets people message and call their doctor and get prescription medicines delivered or sent to their closest pharmacy for pickup.

It wasn't planned to get released so soon, but our team pushed forward two months of work over the past two days to have an emergency release of the app available for any doctor in the country who needs it.

The public release of the Android and Apple iOS apps are now available for download. This emergency release includes the ability for doctors to create prescriptions remotely, and for you to choose your nearest pharmacy for pickup or home delivery.

If you are a doctor in New Zealand, or if you think your own doctor can use help with running their clinic remotely, go here:

About Well Revolution's Doctor App

All of our time is now wholly focussed on COVID-19 and we will be creating new ways to help. The apps will be updated regularly over the coming weeks. 

Please keep safe, take care of yourselves and loved ones. We'll get through this together.

The Well Revolution Team.

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