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iFAQ (Infrequently Asked Questions) Well, at this moment they're infrequently asked, but we still think they're useful ;)

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Sexual Health Questions

Should I get tested for an STD even though I do not show symptoms?

Do I need a physical exam to get tested for STDs?

What are the symptoms of STDs?

Are STDs curable?

How long should I wait after exposure to test for STDs?

I am monogamous, but tested positive for an STD. Did my partner cheat on me?

What would happen to an STD that goes undetected?

If you have an STD and you have a kid, does the kid get infected?

If I got Chlamydia, can I test with you without anyone else finding out?

If I test positive for other STIs, is this information kept private?

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Questions

What are Urinary Tract Infections?

What is a Urinary Tract?

What Are the Symptoms of UTIs?

What Tests and Treatments Are Available for UTIs?

What Treatments Are Used for UTIs?

What are the Best Ways to Help Prevent UTIs

Who Gets Urinary Tract Infections?

What Causes UTIs in Women?

Why are Women More Likely to Get a UTI?

Chronic UTIs - What Are They and How to Treat?

How Can I Prevent UTI Re-infection?

I Get UTIs Often - What Can I Talk to My Doctor About?

What If I Get a UTI While Pregnant?

What About Cranberry Juice?

Do You Treat UTIs in Men?

What Is a Complicated UTI?